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Our fifth Bearded Collie, Tucker had had a previous trainer at four months, however the amount and varied training skills offered by her was too much, too quickly so we got increasingly frustrated and thus became complacent in our training by the time he reached eleven months. Ed claimed to fix the biggest percentage of issues in only two one-hour sessions. Skeptical, we contracted with Ed and found his approach, both with us and with Tucker was exactly what we were looking for - authority with love, respect with knowledge of canine behavior. As important, Ed also has a grasp of human behavior, especially as it pertains to dog ownership and the human/dog relationship. We are extremely greatful to Ed for what he has conveyed to us as we, and Tucker continue our journey in a compatible relationship. We highly recommend The Dog Boss as your "go-to" for training you and your beloved home companion. Listen to him and your dog will listen to you. Michael and Liz Baley

Even after the very first session, our pup’s behavior changed dramatically! Ed explains every detail of the training. He is extremely encouraging, knowledgeable and compassionate. We also know if we ever have a question, he is just a phone call away! Now THAT is customer service. Please call this man if you want to truly learn to understand your dog and have a long lasting and trusting relationship with your dog.

Samaria Mohney

We are finally out of the young parenting stage and then we decided to bring a puppy into the family! Ed, the Dog Boss, has given us our puppy training techniques to help us feel confident and knowledgeable as we "parent" through these young years in a different but oddly similar way! Ed is great to work with! He's personable and so loving to our puppy! He works with the whole family and makes it easy to understand all that needs to happen in training. He's very encouraging and easy to contact! And he personalizes all the training to your dogs needs and maturity level. He also helps you understand the "why's" of his training! We highly recommend Ed, the Dog Boss, to anyone who is looking for some serious training strategies. You won't regret bringing Ed to your home to work with you and your dog! It is money well spent! Ed will always be "Our Dog Boss"!

Rodney and Gina Bert

Chance is our 2 yr old German Shepherd that was on the unmanageable side despite the commands he knows. We use the tips Ed showed us and there has been a lot of improvement. I am handicap n therefore could not walk Chance but after Ed's help my confidence with Chance's training has increased immensely. I can't walk him far (my husband takes him for his normal walks) but I am gaining confidence in his obedience n my ability to have complete control. It is daily work but the methods we were taught make it seem like more fun than work. I must be honest, I never thought such a big change was possible so quickly with Chance! I love how Ed proved me wrong. I do and I will recommend Ed to whoever asks about our trainer. We simply can't thank him enough. Thank you Ed for putting us on the right track for training. We greatly appreciate it!

Abe n Diane Snader

I highly recommend The Dog Boss to anyone looking for a very knowledgeable person to help train your pet. Ed is personable, clearly enjoys working with dogs and people…and his training is positive in nature. Dog Boss training sessions are definitely worth every penny of the very reasonable fee because, instead of group or classroom training, Ed comes into your home and works one on one with you and your pet, giving instant suggestions when a behavioral problem is detected. In my case Ed has helped tremendously with the training of my German shepherd. Overall, Jake is a very well-behaved puppy, but he is much larger than my previous German shepherds. Because of his size and strength, when we were on a walk and he saw someone (human or canine) he wanted to greet, he was extremely difficult to control. The same held true when someone visited our home. Jake would rush to greet them and jump up on the visitor. Although I consider myself knowledgeable of the German shepherd breed, I needed help and I needed it quickly. Ed provided that help in a way that made the training fun while being extremely worthwhile and I saw marked improvement in Jake’s behavior immediately. Now when we walk he stays by my side and “leaves” others alone until he’s invited to greet them and he greets visitors to our home in a civilized manner. Thank you Dog Boss! Beth Wilson

Although the terrier we rescued 6 years ago had some behavioral issues, my wife and I were willing to live with them and we didn't think that we needed a dog training expert. That all changed when we rescued a large and boisterous lab mix from a local shelter this summer and brought him home. The high energy and dominant behavior of the new lab turned our terrier into a snarling, barking and aggressive beast, which only served to increase our new dog's negative energy and anxiety. This lead to some pretty nasty encounters between the two dogs and ongoing frustration for me and my wife as we tried to run interference between the two of them, and bring down the negative cycle of emotion they consistently worked themselves into. We knew that if we were going to be able to keep our new dog (and a stress free home) we had to have some solid training. We decided to call The Dog Boss because his guiding principal-- that problems happen in the home environment and that they are best solved there--made sense to us. When Ed came in he immediately put us at ease with his calm, firm, but respectful approach to both of our dogs, and with the great strategies he provided for capping off the negative energy and aggression issues, handling the barking and jumping up when people knocked at the front door, and onleash strategies that helped us to work on issues our new dog had with Amish buggies and encounters with other barking dogs on the street. After our two one-hour sessions we feel way more confident in our ability to train our dogs, and we have seen a huge change in our two dogs' behavior by practicing the strategies that Ed gave us. The aggression has gone way down, the dominant behavior our new dog was showing has almost disappeared, and there is relative peace and calm in the house (as much as you can have with a terrier and a 9 month old 50 pound lab). We attribute this success to Ed and his deep knowledge of dogs and the talent that he has for communicating that knowledge to dog owners. Don't be dissuaded by another reviewer's complaint about "aggressive" training techniques (based on Ed's recommendations of choke collars for on leash training). His work with our dogs was respectful, kind and understanding and he provides solid techniques for helping owners live in harmony with their canine friends. We highly recommend The Dog Boss.

Bill and Laurie Lewis, Brewster and Max

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

We contacted Ed to help with our aggressive dog, Bruno. Ed was very helpful and practical with the tips he provided. Within one session, Bruno made huge improvements with his behavior. Incorporating just a few simple things has dramatically improved our level of confidence in taking him out in public and around other dogs. Great experience and highly recommend!

Bill and Sara Arndt

A few months ago we added a new member to our pack, Benny. He came to us from ACCT Philly where his family of 6 years surrendered him due to a move. We already had a super spoiled Pittie girl named Zoey who hadn't been socialized much since her older brother passed away the year before. Zoey was reactive towards the other dogs when we would walk the neighborhood, so I knew introducing a full time friend for her might not be the easiest task. I called Ed to come and help us and it was the best decision I ever made. He worked with my husband and I on strategies to improve Zoey's obedience issues and to develop a pack. Within a few days, we were on the road to success! We have kept up with the training and are now one big, happy pack family. I would recommend The Dog Boss to anyone and everyone! Ed and Janell were always available for questions and support via email, which was extremely helpful to keep the process moving. We are forever grateful, thank you so much!

Ashley and Tom Rednak

I had high expectations and they were met and exceeded. When our Pit, Yoda, was about 10 months old we had only two training sessions with Ed but it was enough. Thanks to Ed when we open the door Yoda now waits until we tell him it is ok to pass. Yoda has also learned to sit on or off leash and stays sitting until he is given the command to come. The Dog Boss trained my wife and I on how to communicate with Yoda and it works! I highly recommend his training sessions. Ed is great!

Jim Switzenberg~ Chef/Partner John Wright Restaurant

When I first contacted Ed I thought I was going to have to get rid of my 9 month old Shih Tzu mix Paisley. She was being very aggressive with my 5 year old Yorkie, Darby. I knew that the standard group training lessons were not going to work in this situation so after doing some Internet research I found Ed. Ed assured me that there was hope for Paisley and he was right. Ed could not have been nicer. He gave me great techniques to use not only for the aggression but for walking, potty training and much more. Paisley tests the boundaries every now and then, but now I know how to handle her and the situation and it's working! It's very apparent the love that Ed has for dogs. He is calm and patient. Paisley was growling at him when he came into the house but by the end of the first session he had won her over. Hire him, he knows what he is doing! Thank you, Ed!

Tina McManus and Paisley 

I have a two year old German Shepherd which I rescued in December of 2016. Apollo was a stray when he was found by the humane society then sent to a GSD rescue in PA. I received no information on his background since he was a stray.

Apollo shows high separation anxiety and dangerous aggression with strangers. Ed's first visit to my house resulted in Apollo aggressively defending his property when Ed knocked on the door. Ed was amazing with the patience he showed to Apollo to attain his approval. Ed's knowledge, patience and ease of explaining what my dog needs and how I am supposed to apply my leadership in a fashion that is understandable to Apollo has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Ed the Dog Boss to anyone that needs extra help with training their dogs. The one on one attention taught Apollo and I a lot to continue our life together as a strong pack. Thank you very much!

Kimberly Morales and Apollo

I was at a loss with my 2 five month old beagle littermates that would begin to fight one another at the drop of a hat. I called Dog boss and couldn't have been pleased more. Ed gave easy training instructions that with consistency and patience has an effective outcome. With the first visit I was amazed how quickly Ed's training techniques worked. I can't say enough good things about Ed and would recommend him for anyone having issues with their pet. Thanks Ed!

Jody S.

It was a great experience working with Ed. In just two sessions, the dog boss helped me gain the tools to work on specific behaviors with my 8month German Shepherd. He also helped me gain knowledge about this specific breed. It was amazing to see Ed tap into Eevee’s natural shepherd instincts. I really liked the experience of Ed coming into the home and working on our specific needs. Ed gave us a lot of ideas and instruction on how to communicate with Eevee. He was also available for questions and concerns. Thanks for helping Eevee and I.

Michele Pletcher 

With the comprehensive document we completed before the first session, Ed was able to start training the second I opened the door. This immediately made us know that Ed's biggest concerns were making our dog the best he can be, and maximizing his time with us. We especially appreciated Ed's ability to accommodate our schedule and to allow us time in between sessions to practice. During each session, Ed was great at training the whole pack and helping us understand why our dog was exhibiting the behaviors we were concerned with. In only two sessions we saw a great deal of progress. Knowing that there is still room for improvement, Ed assured us that he is available for additional sessions and can easily answer any questions by phone or email. The fact that he didn't push for additional sessions made us know again that his first priority was our dog. I would recommend Ed to anyone without any reservations. And we will seek his expertise when we have future concerns.

Matt & Laura Mandell

It has been a pleasure working with Ed and I have to say I cannot believe the progress in only TWO VISITS. I also want to say how much we appreciate your "how should I say"......not being pushy about future many times no matter what the service - people push MORE MORE MORE - to make more money...I really appreciate that you let us decide with your guidance what we need. Ed doesn't make the customer feel pressured into something they might not be able to afford, etc. I also like the time between to do the practice...instead of having training every week and being bombarded with new things week after week...I'm sure it is hard for the dog as well as the human. We will definitely be in touch in the future!

Yvonne and Matt Frey

We can't say enough of good things about our experience with Ed. He really knows how to explain the training techniques and gives you the reasons behind his methods. He also tells you what your dog is thinking and why they act a certain way in various situations. He trains the pet owners along with the dog. Bottom line is this guy knows and cares about dogs! We highly recommend The Dog Boss!

Mike and Marvetta Wentzel 

I find Ed to be a very patient trainer. He taught me a lot of valuable things in just 1 hour that I can work on at home before the next lesson. I am very satisfied with Ed. He is very knowledgeable and surely knows what he is talking about. I highly recommend The Dog Boss!! I am very happy.

Carolyn Hart

The Dog Boss (Ed) is very accommodating and knowledgeable; even after just 2 sessions our dogs have learned so much as did my husband and I. He is willing to work with your schedule and helps to train your dog not just on the main issue/behavior but with any underlying issues that can help to make life easier for both you and the dog.

K. Titemore

Ed was great as an instructor and provided plenty of hands on training, demonstrating and explaining techniques and supplying insight on how dogs perceive our actions.

Pat Hindes

Our experience with The Dog Boss has been great. He is kind, energetic, knowledgeable and reliable. Ed knows what he is doing and he has the ability to demonstrate and transfer skills to you. We would recommend him to anyone who wants to properly train their dog.

Joe Farnish 

Our dog is a 2-year-old border collie, full of energy and enthusiasm, which can make her hard to handle when walking in the neighborhood (LOOK! SQUIRREL! and off we go). At the same time, she's a rescue, with some fear/shyness problems. In just two sessions with the Dog Boss, she walks calmly at our side and under full control, and we addressed some of her "fear" problems. We highly recommend Ed.

John and Holly Kleimo 

Ed helped us with two of our four dogs, Chester and Cassidy. Cassidy just needed some work brushing up on a few behavioral issues - leash pulling and come when called. Our main concern was Chester. We are having a baby soon and he has been showing signs of fearful aggression with children. Ed showed us some ways to help build Chester's overall confidence, in addition to helping my husband and I with our confidence with him when around children. We are working on what Ed taught us, and seeing improvements. Ed is great to work with and so enthusiastic about his job. It is great to know that if we have any concerns after our daughter is born, that we can call him anytime for advice!

Kaitlin and Jesse Musser

Ed has helped us immensely by providing insight and techniques to better handle a few challenges we were facing with our one-an-a-half-year-old pitbull mix, Lulu. Although we typically walk her between 5-7 miles each day, she still seemed to have a lot of pent up energy that would manifest itself by her wanting to engage in play with us like she would another dog. Thanks to Ed's expertise, we've found a way to get out her "bursty" energy (which was a challenge because she has no interest in playing fetch). He also taught us to more effectively provide positive correction to help with Lulu's tendency to jump on visitors. We're thankful for Ed's training and know-how and we highly recommend him!

The Mentzer Family

Our 3 year old German Shepard has always been a challenge around other people and dogs. Ed came to our home and did an amazing job with not just Brady but the entire family. He was able to point out some of the things that we were doing that weren't working for Brady. We are now comfortable taking Brady out for walks, we still have work to do with him but Ed provided us a great platform & lots of information to use.

Matt and Sarah M.

I wish we hadn't waiting so long to contact Ed! He did wonders with our unruly dog and I was able to use those techniques on our second dog. The second session was incredibly helpful to reinforce the techniques he taught us, as well as show us a few more things. The techniques and advice he gave us made my husband and me so much more effective when training our dogs….we needed to be trained in order to train our dogs. Once our new baby arrived, we stopped walking our dogs because they were too much to handle while also pushing a stroller. He showed us how to manage the dogs and the stroller. He is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend him!

Wendy A.

I am in awe of what Ed was able to accomplish with my uncontrollable 8 month old Chocolate Lab in an hour!!. Ed was extremely knowledgeable and delightful to work with. I would definitely recommend the Dog Boss to anyone having difficulty with their pet. I can't thank you enough and I am looking forward to your second visit.

Jeanne N.

What an experience! I was afraid that my shepard/husky 'Winter' would never be a social dog. I wanted other people to enjoy him much as I do. I wanted people to be able to come to my house without having to seclude him. After one visit from Ed,, I am able to do just that....I can walk him in the neighborhood, people can come to my house and I fee great about it. I don't know who need to learn more, me or my dog. Ed did an awesome job working with both of us. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs to work with their dog. I fully intend to have follow up just to ensure that I am working with my dog the way I should. Thank you Ed.....

Connie Hake

2 years ago I took in my son's 1 yr. old lab/pit. He was wild and uncontrollable! I had attempted to sign him up for training thru other places; however, all of the programs I found were 4-6 weeks in duration and were held at their location. #1 problem with that is that Charger becomes dead weight when he realizes he is about to be put in the car. Once in the car, he will pant and drool and shed enough hair to knit a sweater for a family of 4. I tried all tips that I learned from my never ending internet searches on how to train your dog. Some were a little helpful and we did manage to teach him to sit and give his paw but general obedience and walking him was still an ordeal that would almost always end with an injury... to myself! When I saw Ed on News 8 one morning I contacted him, exchanged some information and crossed my fingers. Let me tell you, from the second, and I mean second, he walked in Charger was a different dog. Ed must have some sort of telepathy with these dogs that makes them behave. Charger was never really sure what to think of him and was a bit timid; however, he did listen and in the first hour he spent with us there was a noticeable difference. Ed explains what he is doing and why and he explains it in ways that make sense to anyone. Once he left, my daughter and I continued to work with him but it was evident that the second session would be needed. Only problem with the second session was that it was my error and not my dog, who actually had improved. And it's ok you can laugh because I laughed too! During the 2nd session he answered all my questions again, watched my interaction and pointed out where the issues were and showed me what to do to fix it. Ed is amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone! He is worth every penny I spent to have him help me.Charger is really learning what he is and isn't supposed to do. I will not say that it is not a lot of work, but it is fun work and very rewarding to be able to play and spend time with him and watch his obedience improve a little more every day.

Rebecca K.

My dog is the sweetest dog until a dog walks by my house or the neighbor's dog is out. It's like living with Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. He becomes an obsessed maniac barking and charging at the other dogs. In less than an hour, Ed had the issue under control. I look forward to our second session to ensure that I master his method of controlling my dog. Thank you Ed!

Sheryl Reese

We have a boxer that is very aggressive towards other people and especially other dogs when walking and out in the yard. We have had training with another trainer for about 6 sessions and had zero improvements in any areas. Ed met with us just two 1 hour sessions and we could not be happier. Results are almost instant and he knows exactly what he is doing. Don't get me wrong he has a long way to go but the dog is at least manageable and listening to the commands. If you are interested in any type of behavioral training and want the results delivered fast and correct the dog boss is your guy. Believe me when I said that there was no helping my dog and no one could help us fix him. Was I wrong. Ed is friendly, prompt, and comes to your house ready to do some training right away. Highly, highly recommend. I am a real paying customer and could not be happier this far with the results.

Dustin and Jen P.

Just finished working through two sessions with Ed with my two pits. One, 4 years old and established, the other a 5 month old puppy who just arrived, both rescues. Certainly not my first experience with dog training as I've had them my whole life, however with the intelligence of the breed wanted a good refresher for myself and the professional experience for my fiance. Ed was fantastic working with both dogs and certainly with both humans, all 4 of us having different personalities! Very creative training from my perspective with new ways for us to train in ways that were fun for the dogs as well as us. He was very patient, upbeat and clearly oriented to giving both owner and dog a better quality of life together. Improved leash handling, improved off leash behavior, and improved communication from us to the dogs. I will be recommending Ed as an approved trainer to the pit bull rescue we work with. Well worth the time and money.

Jeff J and Karen T.

We rescued a six week old pitty girl. When we got her home we realized she was deaf. Never having a deaf puppy I was at a complete loss as to how to go about training her. Someone recommended Ed, so I thought I would give it a try. From the first time he walked in the door I knew I had made the right choice. Ed is professional, very knowledgeable, and knows how to get things done, He uses only positive reinforcement which was important to me and the dogs love him. My puppy is now 10 weeks old and thanks to Ed teaching us how to teach her she is making great strides...she already knows signs for sit, lay, come, no, potty and will walk with you without being on a leash...not bad for someone who thought they couldn't train a deaf dog! Giant thank you to Ed for educating us! I think we are off to a great start, but would not hesitate to call if any issues arise in the future! Who would of thought 2 sessions would have accomplished all we have! Very grateful and thankful for The Dog Boss,

Marybeth and Rick D,

Ginn is doing exceptionally well and has come a long way quickly. Just a month ago she didn't understand our expectations and we couldn't efficiently communicate them to her. Ed was able to bridge that gap in which we are grateful.

J. Cline

We couldn't be happier with training provided by Ed. Our sweet Bella is one of 3 rescue dogs in our home. At the shelter Bella was a sweetheart but within seconds of entering our home we found out why she had been returned by 2 families. She was fear aggressive towards other dogs. Our quiet home was thrown into absolute chaos. It took almost 2 years to get her to the point where she could wander freely around our home without us terrified that she would attack the other 2 dogs. The problem with dogs outside “our pack” however, remained making our frequent daily walks very stressful. After just 2 sessions with Ed, our daughter was able to visit with her dog and for the first time in nearly a year we didn’t have to crate Bella during the visit. While we are still not at the point of leaving her off leash with another dog close by, we can walk past other dogs without her barking or lunging. We can also keep her on leash with other dogs in our home. Something, we never thought possible. We tried 3 other trainers, none were able to do what Ed could in just 2 hour classes. THANK YOU ED!

The Evans Family.

Our experience with Ed was tremendous .Ruby our Golden doodle seemed to sense an aura about Ed that made her want to pay attention. She has come a long way in just a few weeks. Thankyou! Ed

Bill & Jen Rohrbach

When my husband insisted that we hire The Dog Boss to help us with our dog, I admit that I was skeptical. Our Hound mix had already been to obedience classes at Petsmart and little was accomplished. I didn't want to waste any more money or time and figured I could just deal with the annoying behaviors of our Hound. My husband was persistent and Ed did come to our home for 2 sessions. I was extremely pleased. Ed was pleasant to speak with, answered all questions thoroughly and his experience and love for dogs was evident. He truly does begin training from the moment he steps in the door. Ed addressed each annoying behavior our Hound displayed and then provided real solutions for those issues. We would recommend Ed to anyone with a dog!

The Schmidt Family

We have a 6 y/o male German Shepherd & a 3 y/o male mix that were taking over our home with barking at family members and other unruly behavior. We were very pleased with Ed's dog-training knowledge in just the first session! It was a real learning experience for us in what WE were doing wrong! Ed covered all other kinds of things (walking, leash-training, correction, etc) in addition to the issues we wanted to address. With consistent guidance from us, I see a big difference in our dogs already! Thank you Ed!

Ray & Stacy Myers

We rescued our 1 year old German shepherd mix, Bane, almost a year ago. He was catching onto basic obedience's pretty well, but we knew we needed some more guidance on manners and leash training. After reading all the other testimonials, we were excited for Ed to come to our home. Ed is very educated on dog training and he exceeded our expectations. Bane was catching on to everything just in the first session. Ed explained everything clearly, showed us demonstrations and then let us give it a try. Our second session was just as great. We recapped on what we learned from the first session and he showed us a few other techniques that we can work on. We have learned that trust and consistency of the techniques that Ed showed us was the key to Bane's success. Bane has shown great improvement in just two sessions and we would recommend Ed to anyone!

Devon and Lenae Myers

Ed is like the dog whisperer. I saw changes in my dog after the first session. Ed is a real down to earth guy, and is super easy to talk to. He is extremely knowledgeable and is able to get through any situation. My dog was extremely dog aggressive, but gets better and better each day as I work with him using Ed's training. Highly recommend!

Stephanie C.

Completely satisfied is exactly how I would describe my experience with The Dog Boss. We needed some help with our adopted 2 year old Pit mix. He was jumping on visitors, pulled on walks and was a bully at the dog park. We tried the chain stores obedience classes and found them to be a waste of time and money. Ed accomplished in two sessions what the chain stores could not in 6 sessions. His one on one attention in our home was highly effective. He was able to recreate the issues we faced on a daily basis and show us how to resolve those issues. As a result, we have control on walks, our Pit mix is no longer jumping on our guests and we feel at ease when we go to the dog park. Don't waste your time with anyone else!

Adam M.

When I adopted my shepherd rescue in 2010 I had no idea the impact she would have on our lives. My son has Autism and suffers from seizures and it quickly became apparent that these 2 have a bond like no other. Mia is the calming factor when no one else can and she alerts us to Mikey's seizures. Along with that though Mia had been showing some severe protective aggressive and anxiety towards anyone coming into my home. Ed has shown us how to be better dog parents and pick up on Mia's cues just like she does for our son. We have been working real hard to alleviate Mia's anxiety and let her know that we are all in this together. She's walking better on a leash and her anxiety levels are way down. We always knew she was an amazing dog but Ed has helped us help her be the best emotional support animal. It's a work in progress but thanks to Ed we now have the tools to help not only Mia but our son as well. Thanks Ed!

Michelle C.

Our 7-month old English Labrador "Gibson" seemed to have a mind of his own at times so we decided to contact The Dog Boss for some help. Ed was prompt in getting back to us, and in no time at all we had our fist training session. Ed has a great personality, and the passion he has for the training dogs is quite apparent. He gains a complete understanding of the dog and owners before moving forward with training. His training is custom tailored to your needs and is in the best interest of both you and your dog. Ed is patient and extremely helpful. His methods are very easy to understand, and he takes his time to insure you are grasping the methods he is teaching. I really appreciated his method of training where Ed not only allows you to practice the training while he is there, but he will also demonstrate what he is teaching. Ed, thanks so much for the time you spent with us. We have incorporated what you taught us into Gibson's daily training and he is improving with each passing week thanks to you!! Sincerely,

Steve and Teresa Herr

We rescued a 2 year old dog that had been in 4 homes prior to us adopting her. We were getting very frustrated with her running off when she was not on a leash. With the help of The Dog Boss we are now able to enjoy our dog without having to spend hours looking for her. I really liked how he came to the house and spent the time training everyone in the family. I am definitely glad that we contacted The Dog Boss and I will highly recommend to anyone looking for a trainer.

Deb R.

Our 4 year old German Shepherd was never properly socialized when he was young. We never thought we would see the day when some one else would be able to walk him without a muzzle. Ed was able to accomplish this in 2 sessions. Ed showed us many helpful ideas including how to walk properly with our dog. He showed us how to introduce strangers to our dog along walks as well as at the door of our house. We definitely recommend The Dog Boss to anyone! We are going to continue to use Ed's services in the future.

Dusty and Michele

I was ready to give Apollo to a rescue. Apollo is a great dog but he is very high energy and stubborn. I tried numerous methods of training to no avail. Ed came to my home and gave me the tools and knowledge that I need to be able to properly train Apollo. After the first session it was like I had a new dog. The second session he helped me fine tune my training to constructively expel Apollo's energy. I very highly recommend The Dog Boss!

Scott P.

We rescued a six year old Belgian Malinois, Otter, with separation anxiety. We have had issues leaving the house, as well as having guests enter our house. Ed was able to teach us the commands to allow us to be able to control Otter better. Through leash walking and various training exercises, we have seen significant improvement in Otter's behavior. Ed was wonderful to work with, as he provided the guidance and direction we needed to be better pet owners. We strongly recommend Ed's services.

Samantha and Andrew G.

My husband and I adopted a shelter dog and soon after he was home we had some issues regarding fear aggression. The Dog Boss was able to help us curtail the behavior and made the addition of our new family member a pleasant experience. Ed's knowledge is unmatched and he knows how to handle any situation that one may face with their dog. We highly recommend Ed's service and appreciate his practical training methods.

Mindy S.

When my wife and I got Badger, an 8 week old pit bull puppy, we knew it would be difficult... But we didn't know how hard it would be. Badger is a sweet dog, but he is extremely high energy and strong willed. There were many days where we thought we were going to pull our hair out.

We tried to do as much training on our own as possible, but we felt like we only got so far - we needed help. Seeing that the Dog Boss had trained K9 unit dogs, we felt that he would be the type of trainer we needed: someone who was strong and assertive, but still made training fun and gentle. That is exactly what we got.

Badger was about 9 months old when we had our first session. The Dog Boss helped us with jumping and over-excitement when meeting new people, leash walking without excessive pulling, stay/recall, and lots of other bits of knowledge along the way.

One of the things I like about the Dog Boss is that he is available to field questions through email, text, or cell phone. One night I was so frustrated with Badger and I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. I talked to him that night and he helped me figure out what was going on so I could continue training with a positive attitude.

Luke D.

Ed does a great job. He is very professional and thorough, while still making the "lessons" and rewards fun for the dog. He seems to have an understanding of a dog's thought processes. Excellent progress was made within the first 10 minutes of each session. Our Golden who needed some work on manners and curbing his over-enthusiasm when greeting people is responding well. We would highly recommend The Dog Boss..

Edi, Dave and Lucus

I adopted my first dog six months ago and wasn't sure how to go about training him. Before finding Ed I tried two other dog trainers; neither trainer had as much success in an hour as Ed had in the first ten minutes! My dog Pancakes was almost impossible for me to walk on his leash, he constantly pulled and completely directed where we would go, it was so bad that we used to have to drive the few blocks to my local dog park! Ed spent time with me and Pancakes, walking up and down my block, showing me the proper way to walk and stay in control. Now Pancakes and I are able to walk all over the city without a problem. By the way Ed treats dogs and teaches them you can tell he has experience, but is also an animal lover. I definitely recommend The Dog Boss, he's the best!


I'd like to write a quick testimony on The Dog Boss. I chose The Dog Boss for our training because after reading over the website i knew Ed's experience with police k-9 dogs was exactly what i was looking for in a trainer. Ed got our 1.5 year old male pitbull more balanced and obedient in the first session ! His ability to read a dogs body language was excellent and we knew with the police k-9 work he would know exactly what to do with our situation. Within the first hour of training Ed showed us how to properly handle our dog jumping up at people and when to reward and correct. Sometimes training pitbulls can be tricky since the breed is known for not showing and signs of distress or discomfort and Ed knew this and adapted his methods perfectly into our dogs individual needs. And most importantly showed my family what to look for and how to react. We used the techniques we learned on the first session and by our second session it was like a different dog. I feel more comfortable now around strangers and the techniques built confidence in our dog so he didn't feel the need to react as bold around strangers. Training from the Dog Boss is fun, effective and shows results faster than i imagined could be possible. Ed is very professional, patient and his willingness to work with certain behaviors was a blessing for us. Our family is extremely happy with Ed's training program and we recommend The Dog Boss to everyone ! We are looking forward to more advanced training in the future as well. Thanks Again !

Tony, Tanya, and kids

Getting our new puppy was like a hallmark commercial that a month later turned into Cujo. She was biting everyone's ankles and pulling on pants and nipping at our hands. We tried all the crazy things... squirt bottle, can with coins in it and nothing seemed to phase her. We are VERY grateful that the Dog Boss was recommended to us! We now have the knowledge we need to train her. The Dog Boss even gave the assignment to my 6 year old son to teach our dog to lay down on command and showed him how to train her. My son loved having a job and suddenly my son and dog were having positive interaction during his training of her and he was very successful too! I highly recommend The Dog Boss to anyone! He is professional, punctual, and had an instant bond and understanding of our dog.

Michelle W.

If you need an experienced dog trainer who knows what he is doing, please consider The Dog Boss! I had no hope left in the world for Oliver when we go to the park and he takes off chasing squirrels. Ed showed me that it's okay for him to watch and sniff, but that I am in control of how and when he approaches. It is so nice to say come and have him listen to me. Good prices, no time wasted and an excellent down to earth guy. Thank you for everything Ed. You truly are The Dog Boss! Recommending you all over Lancaster!

Tara K.

Ed did a great job working with my 2 year old GSD. He has a great energy about him, and has great advice and knowledge of dealing with challenging dogs. Ed helped me to better understand my dogs behaviors, and what to do in certain situations. My dog has made progress socially and on leash walking. Ed is great for any problem you may be experiencing with your dog, I highly recommend him!


My Yellow Labrador, Roxy, was having trouble focusing her energy. After Ed did one session with us, we worked on what he had taught us on our own and made great improvements. Roxy can now walk next to me unleashed and she knows who's boss. Ed has a very efficient program and does not waste your time or money. I recommend him over Petsmart training any day.


I can't recommend highly enough Ed The Dog Boss. Our girls, Maggie and Emma, are sweet boxer-lab mixes, but they needed some training.....OK--they needed a LOT of training. When Ed told me that most clients only needed two sessions, I thought he was kidding. But he wasn't! The difference in our pups is amazing. They now know that we're in charge; there is no jumping when guests come to the door; they walk on a leash like they're in a national dog show; and they know exactly what "Drop it!" means. The great part about Ed being a trainer is that he gets all of the information about the dog ahead of time, so that he doesn't waste the clients' time going over mundane details. When he comes to your house, the training begins immediately. And Ed really knows what he's doing. You can see that as soon as he starts working with your dog. He is very gentle and compassionate; there is no "rough" treatment of your dog whatsoever. All of the training is based on manners and respect. Also, you don't have to take your dogs anywhere, which for us is always a bit of a challenge, as both dogs hate riding in the car. So you get this awesome trainer who comes to your house, knows his stuff, is on time and professional, and,--as you'll be able to see in the first five minutes--just loves dogs and his job. It's a no-brainer! Hire this guy!


My wife and our 12 year old rescued a pitbull terrier who was a bait training fight dog .She was very nice with people, on the other hand did not like other animals! We have a male German Shepherd and within a week they were fighting .I told my family she has to go back and made arrangements. as my wife went to work in sadness i searched for a dog trainer . I did not think this was going to work but i had to try! Ed fixed the situation in 2 sessions i was amazed!!! Ed said he was going to train us to train our dog. Our family would recommend The Dog Boss to anyone and i do just that! It has been almost a year and Maggie is doing wonderful!! Thank You Ed

Rick Sprout

Dannon now focuses on us and obeys better.. we absolutely loved our training sessions with the dog boss! Ed clearly explained his training approach and how to properly work with our 12 year old rescued pitbull terrier who was a bait training fight dog. She was very nice with people, on the other hand did not like other animals! We have a male German Shepherd and within a week they were fighting. I told my family she has to go back and made arrangements. as my wife went to work in sadness I searched for a dog trainer. I did not think this was going to work but i had to try! Ed fixed the situation in 2 sessions i was amazed!!! Ed said he was going to train us to train our dog. Our family would recommend The Dog Boss to anyone and i do just that! It has been almost a year and Maggie is doing wonderful!! Thank You Ed Rick Sprouts

interpreting what we were doing. Ed spent time with us and our dog at our house so we could train him where he is comfortable. He answered all of our questions, behavioral and training without hesitation. It's really hard to think like a dog, but since our training sessions with Ed, I strongly feel we now have a better understanding of our dogs mind on how he thinks and learns. Our bond with Dannon also seemed to grow stronger, as he also seems he is a much happier dog now. I think the most valuable part of working with Ed is that he is very personable and works one on one with you, which allows him to get to know your dog and the dog & your specific needs. Ed Mann has a lot of knowledge to share and we couldn't be more grateful that we were able to work with him. I wish Dannon could spend an entire month learning with him, because even though we are doing our best implementing these techniques with him, Ed amazingly just has an unexplainable natural connection with dogs! Thank you so much Ed, for all of your help!

Dennis and Dana

We received invaluable help from Ed Mann, The Dog Boss. He is a true professional, an expert in his field. We asked him to evaluate our new dog, Molly, to help us know how to train her. At first we thought he was going to do the training but actually he taught us and empowered us to do it! He worked with our dog to assess her strengths and needs. He taught us so many things! We would recommend Ed to anyone with a new dog, a rescue dog, or a dog with fears or behavior problems. Molly was very receptive to him and he obviously understood her and loved her. His love and respect for dogs is evident to dogs and maybe this is one of his secrets. He is obviously incredibly experienced and knowledgeable and it really showed when he worked with Molly. Ed set us on the right path and had us check in with him later to see what progress Molly made. Our second session was maybe a month later at a dog park. Molly had made so much progress in between! We have felt confident having Ed's advice and knowing he is a phone call away if we have questions or need a tune up. Molly was a very good dog but the training has made her even better! We recommend The Dog Boss to everyone we know when the topic of dogs comes up. We think every dog owner could benefit from someone as good as Ed to support them! If your dog has any issues at all, we believe

The Dog Boss should be your first phone call! Thank you, Ed, for everything! We are so grateful!!!


I write this hoping to be able to express my gratitude for the incredible training that Ed has provided for my 10 month old Jack Russell mix, Shiloh. You are very passionate and professional about what you do and how you approach your training concepts. I recommend your service to anybody that mutters the words separation anxiety or behavior problems! I rescued Shiloh from a foster group that rescued her from someone offering her for free on craigslist. She most likely would have ended up being used as bait to train fighting dogs. Shiloh was not crate trained and not completely potty trained. She had Separation Anxiety when placed in a crate and you left her sight or even left her alone in the house. She also showed signs of passive disobedience. She was extremely timid and scared of everything. When I look at Shiloh as she is today, so beautiful, so joyous, more obedient and so very confident and full of life, I know that this transformation could not have been accomplished without Ed`s talent and devotion to her. Ed helped her break out of her shell. Ed's dog training was fantastic, and the methods were very effective. He trained me to train Shiloh. If you're looking for a positive learning environment this is the place for you and your dog! I thank you and more importantly Shiloh thanks you. I feel that you so genuinely care for my dog.

Sincerely, J. McCommon Jim M.

We sought Ed's expert assistance for our uncontrollable 8 month old Doberman puppy. Gunnar refused to walk on a leash, had no respect for me (likes to jump on me and often knocks me off balance), has no respect for my house (chews on furniture, the wall, window sill, etc), is not potty trained and doesn't listen very well. We have a 9yo Pitbull Mix in the house and Gunnar likes to taunt her to play, which makes her mad so they both start barking at each other. We needed someone to come to our house and see our bad puppy in action. When Ed arrived, the dogs went nuts. My boyfriend and I had to hold each dog back while we asked Ed to come on in. We learned so much just by watching Ed enter our house and not acknowledging the dogs (because they were misbehaving) and in doing so, they respected him and his space. Ed saw Gunnar jump on me, causing me to lose my balance and fall back into a wall. He taught us commands that immediately worked like magic! Gunnar struggled to get off the leash that Ed attached. After whining and trying to get away from the leash, Gunnar gave up and began to walk with Ed! It was amazing! How did Ed do that?! He made it so easy! Ed is very professional and very good at what he does! The whole hour was all learning and not a second was wasted. We would give him an example of a bad behavior and he would show us how to correct it. We have had two amazing sessions with Ed so far and each one has shown an improvement with Gunnar. We highly recommend Ed to anyone who has trouble training their dog! We really thought Gunnar was an impossible case but Ed took on the challenge and succeeded! Thank you Ed!! You're the best!

Alexis L and Steve O.

We sought Ed's expert assistance for our uncontrollable 8 month old Doberman puppy. Gunnar refused to walk on a leash, had no respect for me (likes to jump on me and often knocks me off balance), has no respect for my house (chews on furniture, the wall, window sill, etc), is not potty trained and doesn't listen very well. We have a 9yo Pitbull Mix in the house and Gunnar likes to taunt her to play, which makes her mad so they both start barking at each other. We needed someone to come to our house and see our bad puppy in action. When Ed arrived, the dogs went nuts. My boyfriend and I had to hold each dog back while we asked Ed to come on in. We learned so much just by watching Ed enter our house and not acknowledging the dogs (because they were misbehaving) and in doing so, they respected him and his space. Ed saw Gunnar jump on me, causing me to lose my balance and fall back into a wall. He taught us commands that immediately worked like magic! Gunnar struggled to get off the leash that Ed attached. After whining and trying to get away from the leash, Gunnar gave up and began to walk with Ed! It was amazing! How did Ed do that?! He made it so easy! Ed is very professional and very good at what he does! The whole hour was all learning and not a second was wasted. We would give him an example of a bad behavior and he would show us how to correct it. We have had two amazing sessions with Ed so far and each one has shown an improvement with Gunnar. We highly recommend Ed to anyone who has trouble training their dog! We really thought Gunnar was an impossible case but Ed took on the challenge and succeeded! Thank you Ed!! You're the best!

Alexis L and Steve O.

Ed came to our house to help out with Ruby, a dog that was sometimes out of control. We took a walk and Ed instantly picked up on Ruby's body language and gave us a solid background on training do's and don'ts for her. Within the hour that he spent with us, Ruby had a calm and pleasant demeanor. Ed is very pleasant and a good people person. It was a very great experience. Highly recommended!

Adam C.   

Ed was very professional and did a great job with our puppy. Throughout our session outr pup was a very good dog but the training has made her even better! We recommend "The Dog Boss" to everyone we know when the topic of dogs comes up. We think every dog owner could benefit from someone as good as Ed to support them! If your dog has any issues at all, we believe The Dog Boss should be your first phone call! Thank you, Ed, for everything! We are so grateful!!! , not only did he train the puppy but he also trained us how to continue training our dog so that we could do it on our own. His techniques were very effective and we saw a huge improvement in our pup almost immediately. His experience in training Police dogs more than qualifies him to work with any dog. I would recommend Ed to anyone who has a puppy or dog with any issues. I have already recommended him to two friends who are getting puppies within the next few months.

Justin W.   

I have had a great experience working with Ed. His knowledge and experience working with dogs is beyond compare, and he has invested much time and effort into me and my dog. Ed is very responsive when I contact him, and his feedback and tips have helped the relationship between me and my dog to grow. I appreciate everything he has done!

Fred N.

Just after the first session with Ed we began getting compliments on how well behaved our dog was, shocking most people that knew Nuk before training. I recommended him to friends & family, great experience for them as well!

Samantha M.

I have known Ed for a long time, and when we purchased Bella Ann it was a no brainer who to call for advice. Ed’s Techniques are sound. The trick is to follow his techniques and use those with consistency. I recommend to anyone using Ed’s service. The other thing we learned is how dogs think. You cannot go wrong.

Steve N.  

I am a dog rescuer in Eastern Kentucky. Ed Mann and his wife are foster parents to my abused and neglected dogs. Several have behavior issues when they leave here. After they are trained by Ed, they become well rounded, adoptable, happy dogs. I could not do what I do without Ed Mann and his training techniques. I have sent dogs that otherwise would have been euthanized for behavior problems, only to have them become great, desirable, well trained dogs who go on to find loving wonderful homes. Sylvia's Animal Sanctuary goes on record to say that without Ed, we couldn't do the work that we do in this area.

Susan H.

When we opened our home to a rescue who had lived in less than desirable conditions for over 5 years, we did not know what we were getting ourselves into. We now have a new loving family member with the help of Ed's training.

Alan Annie B. 

We got a rescue dog named GG through Ed and Janell. GG had been abused and was not trusting of anyone. Ed was kind enough to show us a few tricks to make the dog more at ease around us. He came to our home a few times to see how we were progressing. We had GG 3 years and Ed still inquires about how GG is doing . Ed genuinely cares about animals!!

Karen V 

Our first training time went well. Ed is friendly and easy to talk to. He helped my husband understand how to talk and respond to our dog, and learned to simplify my commands. Today we have already seen improvement in both Evee and David. Looking forward to showing Ed our progress in the next session.

Kim S.

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