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Ed Mann

Ed Mann is the owner of The Dog Boss which was established in 2005.  He is a retired Police Officer having served for 25 years. In addition, Ed was a certified Police K9 handler for 12 years and had 2 dual purpose dogs trained in narcotics and patrol work. 

 Ed believes that training your dog is a team effort and requires commitment and consistency for a happy and well-balanced partnership.

Ed services the Sarasota, FL area.

Hatfield work photo.jpg

J Hatfield

J has been a police officer since 2004 in Lancaster County, PA.  Currently, he is a dual purpose K9 Handler and has been so for 5 years.  J is the only certified trainer for his K9 unit which consists of 3 other working dogs.  He has been working as a trainer with The Dog Boss since January 2021 and believes boundaries are essential to pets and their partners happiness.

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