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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in canine bed bug scent detection. Based in Lancaster, PA, The Dog Boss provides independent bed bug detection services throughout the Northeast. The Dog Boss, Ed Mann, is not associated with any pest control companies and has no vested interest in finding bed bugs at your home or business. There is no extra work for Ed should he find an infestation at your location. Essentially, The Dog Boss works for you!

Although the bed bug portion of The Dog Boss is relatively new, Ed has a proven performance record with 20 years of experience in K9 scent detection to include narcotics, article finds and tracking human odor.

Bed bugs are simply another scent that Ed has taught the dogs to locate. Ed is an advocate for shelter dogs and has found that they make some of the very best partners when it comes to finding the evasive bed bugs! The dogs on the bed bug team are rescued from shelters which not only gives them a purpose, but a second chance at life. Each dog undergoes diligent training and is taught to passively alert when the scent of a bed bug is detected. Rewards for a job well done come in the form of toys, food and praise.

If bed bugs are detected Ed will provide guidance in the areas of chemical treatments or thermal remediation. Give us a call to discuss options. (717) 989-0309 (PA)    (941) 977-9009 (FL)

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