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Purchase your K9 Bite Suit by selecting your style below and adding it to your cart. Once your suit is purchased, complete your order by going to our ROCA Custom Order Form and fill out your size and color requests.

Any questions, call Ed Mann 

(717)989-0309 (PA)

(941)977-9009) (FL)

Suit Style Descriptions:

ROCA - K9BiteDr. R/F Series - Newest suit to our line-up! Offered in 3 or 2 layer protection. Fitted to follow body lines to ease in concealment under choice of clothing.

**The pant style is "no bib" with single buckle sides.**

ROCA - K9BiteDr. Select Series - Offered in 3 or 4 layer - Same tapered leg, seam in front and short collar as the R/F series but allows for a bit more room at the armpit to create mild bite bars in the front shoulder and upper back.

**Pant is "Bib" style for added stomach protection.**

ROCA - K9BiteDr. Kimono Training Series - New to Decoying? This suit is a bit more forgiving for the Decoy and K9 Opponent. 4 layers of protection, flying squirrel design.

**Seam is on the outside of leg. Great suit to use when working young dogs because of the larger bite bars that help teach targeting.**

***Pant is "Bib" style for added stomach protection.***

Custom Measurements and Warranty

90 Day manufacturer warranty on all material or manufacturing defects. Warranty does not cover misuse due to a lack of proper care or deployment. Decoying and Bite Development training is a skill. Anyone taking part in such training should be properly trained before engaging in such activity.

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