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Dog Training and Bed Bug Detection

Servicing Sarasota County, Florida and Lancaster County, PA. 

Dog training is so much more than training the dog! Each dog is an individual and so is each person which means that we all learn and communicate differently. The challenge as a dog trainer is to transfer my knowledge, skills and success to you and your canine companion in a way that makes sense to both of you.

Sure, I know a lot about dogs and their behavior as do many others. However, all of that knowledge is useless if I fail to communicate it properly to those needing guidance. My goal is to teach the people how to teach the dog. People are the most important factor in a dog's ongoing positive or negative behavior. So, let's communicate and start training!

We offer:

Private training sessions and focus on the following:

Puppy training

Family Dog training

Obedience Training- Basic and Advanced

Behavior Modification

Please contact Ed for details.

(717)989-0309  (PA)

(941)977-9009 (FL)

SunBiz License # M21000012950 ,  M21000012953

Local references available. 

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